A comprehensive quality translation service means that translations should not only adhere to the specific terminology of each text type and adapt to the style to the target language for a natural feel, but also be delivered in the same format as the original - ready for use as a working document.

Sworn translation, certified translation

Sworn translations in Spain are translations requiring a certification of accuracy for documents that are used for legal purposes. Sworn translations are delivered printed, as they have to bear the sworn translator’s signature and seal.

Proofreading and proofediting

Proofreading and proofediting services can be hired either to check the accuracy or correct the style of texts that have already been written or translated or to update subsequent versions of the same document.



Backtranslation services may be offered as a translation-backtranslation package or only as translation back into the source language of a translated text. Backtranslations are used by many pharmaceutical companies as a quality control method. Backtranslations are always performed by a different translator.

Project management

Project management services are provided for large projects or other language pairs. Projects are performed by translators selected from our network of expert collaborators. Instead of a translation agency we are a group of collaborating freelance translators.


I act as an English/Spanish interpreter for meetings, interviews, courses, lectures, etc.

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